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IcuKrell is a gKrellm plugin wich display status of gnomeICU

25/07/2002 IcuKrell version 2.0.0-pre0.1 is out !
     first attempt to port IcuKrell to use Gnome2
     this release MUST be used with GnomeICU2!
     for old GnomeICU, use IcuKrell version 0.2.0
     removed misc panel
     removed icukrell-client (now included in GnomeICU)
     removed patch for GnomeICU (patch is integrated in GnomeICU)
14/12/2001 IcuKrell patch now integrated into GnomeICU CVS tree!
     Patch from IcuKrell 0.1.6 is now part of GnomeICU CVS tree.
     IcuKrell 0.2.0 will work with whis patch except miscellaneous panel.
     (Which was added because old v5 protocol. Note that GnomeICU CVS is now with v7!)
     You can access GnomeICU CVS:
     $ export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous@anoncvs.gnome.org:/cvs/gnome'
     $ cvs login
     Password: [ Enter for password ]
     $ cvs -z3 update gnomeicu
25/11/2001 Attention Debian Users!
     A lot of people using GNU Debian Linux reported Segmentation fault when IcuKrell is loading.
     Reason is that IcuKrell assume that GnomeICU icons are located in /usr/local/share/gnomeicu
     but Debian use /usr/share/gnomeicu.
     So you neeed to change line:
     #define GNOMEICU_INSTALL_DIR "/usr/local/share/gnomeicu"
     #define GNOMEICU_INSTALL_DIR "/usr/share/gnomeicu"
     in config.h
22/10/2001 IcuKrell version 0.2.0 is out !
     added code to autodetect PPP line
     improved autohide routine - now depended in case is GnomeICU already runned ( hide without timeout ),
         or first start GnomeICU then wait ICUKRELL_TIMEOUT_BEFORE_HIDE cycles ot gKrellm update and then hide
     "1 User" insted of "1 Users"
     improved show/hide GnomeICU routine In my WindowMaker 0.65.1 and GTK+ 1.2.10 main GnomeICU window will popup
         no matter is it already visible on other workspace or it is was hidden ( on GTK+ 1.2.6 this not happened - don't ask me why ;')
     added misc panel to display unsent (udp/tcp) messages
     added scroll panel to display OnLine users with their statuses
07/09/2001 IcuKrell version 0.1.6
     added blink speed control - reqested by Martin Preishuber
01/09/2001 IcuKrell version 0.1.5
     Applyed patch from Martin Kavalec which remove some stuff not needed in
     create_plugin() & update_plugin() and put it in init_plugin()
25/08/2001 IcuKrell version 0.1.4
     Fixed compiling probles when use gkrellm >= 1.2.x caused by changes in .h files
06/05/2001 IcuKrell version 0.1.3
     Added icukrell-client - modified gnomeicu-client
     Fixed incorrect flash status pic when online user count change
     Fixed displaying old number of online users when change from offline to some of online statuses
21/04/2001 IcuKrell version 0.1.2
     Fixed incorrect number of messages shown when read one message
     Make install-user now use $(HOME) instead of ~
14/04/2001 IcuKrell version 0.1.1
     Reorganized panel
     Fixed bug with status Unknown in some cases
     (new screen shots soon)
20/03/2001 IcuKrell version 0.1.0
     Added action for middle button - display online users and send direct messages
04/03/2001 IcuKrell version 0.0.2
     Configuration and help tabs
     fixed bug that crash gkrellm >= 1.x.x
04/03/2001 IcuKrell version 0.0.2a
     Added patches for all versions of gnomeICU >= 0.95.x
     Support gnomeICU themes !
     Added popup menu for control all functions of gnomeICU !
25/02/2001 IcuKrell version 0.0.1b
     Added patches for gnomeICU 0.95.2 & 0.95.3
     Support for new incoming message pixmap
25/02/2001 Home Page for IcuKrell
     New home for IcuKrell project is now http://icukrell.sourceforge.net
18/02/2001 IcuKrell version 0.0.1a is released
     This is initial release ot IcuKrell

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